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Story It begins with a sparkle in the eyes, then a tingling in the fingers

The day begins with coffee and only occasionally still with tea. Feng Zhao is adapting more and more to the European lifestyle. Then he jumps into his company car and drives from Düsseldorf to Wuppertal. His first phone call is to his engineering colleagues in China, due to the six-hour time difference. Later, he continues with correspondence to Poland and Mexico. In the afternoon he discusses tools and processes in Wuppertal. His colleagues call him Sandy, as the nickname is easier to pronounce.

Feng Zhao lives his dream

Feng Zhao has worked at the Coroplast Group since 2011, actually in Taicang near Shanghai. Now, however, he has come to work in Germany for a few months, together with his wife and their three-year-old son, who attends a kindergarten in Düsseldorf. Feng Zhao doesn’t just like technology – he adores it. Even as a little boy he always loved fast cars and motorcycles and they are the reason why he studied mechanical engineering and thinks his way deeper and deeper into intricate processes and details. Automation fascinates the Chinese engineer most of all; especially production lines that run completely on their own with the type of high-tech machinery you only see in Germany. At WeWire, Feng Zhao is living his dream. Together with his international teams he is developing machines that manage to amaze even him because they manufacture complex wheel arch harnesses just like people – only faster, better and with greater precision. Complex technical problems make his eyes sparkle, and when his hands begin to tingle, Feng Zhao is unstoppable.

In my fantasy I see robotic arms whenever someone makes something by hand.

Feng Zhao | Head of Process and Engineering

Challenge wanted

“I deliberately decided for the Coroplast Group because it is a German company. Germany is well known for its engineering expertise, for precision and perfection. The company gives me the opportunity to find out what I am capable of and to surpass myself. I learn something new every day because together with my teams I look for fresh challenges to take on. My favourite products at WeWire are those that involve the most complicated technologies, such as the injection-moulded components for vehicle electrical systems, which we now manufacture in a fully automated single process.”