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Story Between Jinja and Wuppertal

If you meet Mario Lünne you soon notice that he isn’t the type of guy who only sees the world through an electron microscope and prefers to spend his time alone, messing about with test tubes. No way – despite his youthful looks, the 28-year-old has already gathered plenty of experience and goes through life with a great deal of openness and an even bigger heart.

It’s no coincidence that the Master of Chemical Engineering has been involved for quite some time with an organisation that supports orphans in Uganda. “The time I spent in Jinja was definitely one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I spent two weeks working in an orphanage there that is supported by our organisation ‘Peace’s hope’. In other words, I took two weeks of my annual leave so that the people who usually work there could also go on holiday for once, which is not otherwise possible for them. It’s an incredibly good feeling to know that you can do something useful – and you immediately notice that it helps and does someone else good!

Finding team solutions

Mario Lünne also shows that he is capable of doing work that helps others in his everyday duties at Coroplast Tape, where he has been Group Manager for new materials in the Development department of the Technical Adhesive Tapes business unit since 2018. “Previously I wrote my Master’s thesis on the topic of ‘Thermomechanics and kinetics of reactive polymer systems’ at Coroplast Tape. During that period I was offered a permanent position, which I naturally accepted immediately.” Since then, Mario, who hails from Lower Saxony, and his team work together on screening and formulating raw materials that are used for manufacturing adhesive tapes, such as an innovative carrier material or a new raw material for adhesives. The important point is that the basic materials and their combinations meet highly specific requirements that enhance the properties of the adhesive tape and are helpful for its subsequent application.

I’m a great team player and always ask my colleagues for their opinion. Compelling ideas can only emerge through common effort, particularly in the world of R&D!

Mario Lünne | Group Manager Development, Technical Adhesive Tapes

In search of a new ideas

And that’s another thing Mario Lünne loves doing at work in his laboratory – experimenting with new ideas and finding new solutions. “My work here at Coroplast Tape mainly consists of generating potential for new products and solutions with the help of innovative materials. What can I do differently and even better in the manufacturing of adhesive tapes? That isn’t always easy because the processes are already highly sophisticated, but this type of further development can be achieved excellently here at Coroplast Tape.

And when we asked the passionate sailor what he could still wish for in his work, he smiled and said: “I feel very much at home here and greatly enjoy the opportunity to work in an outstanding team and the support of my senior colleagues. It would be great if we could produce our own raw materials, which would enable us to become even freer in our manufacturing processes and thus design our products even more individually. ” This clearly highlights the researcher in Mario Lünne, who also wants to break new ground. And of course, his ideas will be coordinated with production and sales in the further course of research.

Prior to joining Coroplast Tape, Mario Lünne completed a dual study course at the chemical company Henkel in Düsseldorf. “I very much enjoyed the time at Henkel, but soon realised that the varied tasks in a medium-sized, family-run business would be an even more attractive prospect for me personally.” It was therefore no surprise when he decided for the Coroplast Group – and as Natalie Mekelburger asked him at the 90th anniversary celebration why a young man with his career opportunities switched from a large corporation to Coroplast, the answer was obvious to him: “Because at a celebration like this I can see how people are brought together and how that sense of community is strengthened.