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Photo of Coroplast Group employees with an upcycling backpack

CoroUpcycling High-quality design products made from material remnants

As a family business, the Coroplast Group takes on responsibility for the region and the environment. That's why we are continuously looking for creative solutions to create value and conserve resources. This is how the idea for the "CoroUpcycling" initiative was born in an innovation workshop, with which we produce sophisticated designed, functionally exceptional utility items from surplus material.

From tape remnants to new backpacks or laptop bags

The foundation stone for the CoroUpcycling initiative was laid by our foreman Tobias Hausmann. His idea To create something completely new from our scrap material. This "creative misappropriation" ultimately led to us being able to manufacture high-quality, fashionable backpacks and laptop bags using leftovers from our adhesive tape production. In order to implement these innovative product ideas, different employees work together across departments: Product developers, foremen on the store floor, and sales and marketing staff. For the production itself, we then rely on external partners. In the future, we can also imagine developing and producing new upcycling ideas jointly with other companies in the region.

In our company, we create an innovative, sustainable mindset for avoiding waste and for conscientious handling of our waste with CoroUpcycling. We turn seemingly superfluous materials into new products and breathe new life into them.

Natalie Mekelburger | Chief Executive Officer of the Coroplast Group

Creating real added value through targeted upcycling

Currently, we need around two square meters of adhesive tape remnants per backpack: with around 200 backpacks produced, that makes 400m² of upgraded material in the first production run. "Through targeted upcycling, we create real added value, which we make visible on every backpack. For this purpose, we use a so-called side panel as an imprint – it informs which type and how much of our products has been upgraded with the courier backpack," says product designer Christof Amtmann, who is internally responsible for the project.

Simple process – great effect: the side panel provides information in a prominent position about which and how many production scraps were used.

Promoting identification and awareness with fashionable elements

With the CoroUpcycling initiative, we not only promote environmental awareness among our employees, we also increase their identification with the company. Many of our employees wear our upcycled products with pride. In addition, we are open and always on the lookout for new clever upcycling and product ideas - everyone is called upon to contribute with creative suggestions.

Cornerstone for the CoroUpcycling initiative

The cornerstone for the CoroUpcycling initiative was laid by foreman and idea generator Tobias Hausmann: "Why not combine what is actually "bad" (waste material) with what is beautiful and thereby create something completely new?"

The laptop bag is just the right accessory for me as a developer, because I use it almost every day. I'm all the more pleased to know that I'm even using leftovers from our own production here... that's really something special!

Dennis König | IT specialist for system integration and instructor at the Coroplast Group
Photo of two Coroplast Group employees with a CoroUpcycling laptop bag.
Many of our employees proudly wear products from our upcycling range.

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