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Employees in product development at the Coroplast Group

COROPLAST GROUP SUSTAINABILITY INITIATIVE Products and solutions with sustainable properites

As a leading supplier of technical tapes, cables, wires, and wire harnesses, our development departments are constantly working to improve our products. This enables us to offer our customers more and more solutions with sustainable properties.

What makes products sustainable for us

The Coroplast Group assesses the sustainability of its products and solutions according to two criteria. We consider products "sustainable" if they 

  • can be used in areas that contribute to decarbonization (such as renewable energy and emission-free mobility) and/or
  • pursue the goal of being more resource-efficient than comparable products, based on their design or production processes.
  • Cable set wrapped with Coroplast TapeTube

    TapeTube – Solutions for lightweight construction and logistics

    Adhesive tapes from Coroplast Tape, which are used as a protection and bundling system for cable harnesses in vehicles, robots, etc., save material, transport volume, installation space and weight. In this way, we help our customers to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

    More about Coroplast TapeTubes
  • Ready for delivery, orange high-voltage cables from Coroflex

    HV cables – solutions for electromobility

    Coroflex high-voltage cables set standards: optimized conductor designs, alternative conductor materials and the use of high-quality insulating materials reduce the required installation space and weight of electric vehicles.

    More about Coroflex HV cables
  • Charging cable from WeWire for electric cars

    Charging – Fully assembled charging cables

    Plug & Play: The newly developed WeWire charging cables for electric cars are extremely user-friendly, can be customized in a variety of ways and are ready for use at wallboxes or charging stations.

    More about WeWire charging cables

Product Carbon Footprints (PCFs)

An important part of our work in the development field is the creation of Product Carbon Footprints (PCF). These allocate the greenhouse gas emissions from production and the upstream supply chain to our products.

In order to provide our customers with the necessary transparency, comparability and reliability, we are working closely with industry partners to implement the relevant standards. This also means that we are constantly optimizing our internal processes. With all these measures, we are pursuing the long-term goal of using the transparency gained to permanently reduce the emissions of our products.

  • Our commitment to Circular Valley

    As a founding member of Circular Valley, we are driving the circular economy forward. This regional network connects corporations, businesses and academia with resourceful startups from around the world.

    More about our commitment
  • Group picture of the founders of start-ups in the field of circular economy on the terrace of the Coroplast Group.

    Circular economy – we focus on cooperation and exchange

    As part of our Sustainability Initiative, we have set about exploring the opportunities, possibilities and innovative approaches of the circular economy to see how we can apply this model to our products and processes.

    Cooperation in the field of circular economy

Customer inquiries

Another important development task is responding to customer inquiries about sustainability. We measure our sustainability activities against the standard of the automotive initiative "Drive Sustainability" via the NQC platform "SupplierAssurance" which refers to risk and due diligence management along the entire supply chain.