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OUR QUALITY STANDARDS We focus on concrete measures

Quality is a basic requisite for economic success. Therefore, quality at Coroplast Group is a strategic corporate objective to which all employees are committed and practice actively. We require consistent high quality to satisfy our customers in the long term, to maintain our market position and ultimately to increase our market share.

Comprehensive quality management

Quality begins from the first time we talk to a customer and runs like a thread throughout our entire production and service chain from material to processing and all the way to service. It  applies equally to all of Coroplast Group’s locations. We also expect the same high standard of quality from our suppliers that we demand of ourselves. To guarantee quality on a long-term basis, we have taken a series of concrete measures over the last few years that are continually being improved and enhanced.

OUR QUALITY POLICY Zero-error strategy at Coroplast Group

We pursue a zero-error strategy in implementing our quality policy, which we ensure not only with our excellent technical infrastructure, but also with the comprehensive qualification measures that our employees and executives are required to undergo. This specifically means:

  • The use of an integrated management system for quality, which is used in all areas of the company
  • Continuous Improvement Processes (CIPs) specially developed for Coroplast (COROZEN) 
  • Investments in development and facilities remain at a continuously high level
  • Further and professional training of our employees at our CoroAcademy
  • Numerous certifications at our various Group locations
Andree Straube, Global Head of Quality at Coroflex
Andree Straube, our Global Head of Quality at Coroflex

OUR METHODS Identify and exploit potential for improvement with COROZEN

Continuous improvement, the avoidance of errors, and detailed root cause analysis are important issues for us in continually striving to provide outstanding product quality. We always prioritize quality rather than quantity. To achieve this aim, we utilize our in-house developed COROZEN concept, which has its roots in the Japanese word kaizen (“kai” means “change,” “zen” means “for the better”).

The concept is based on the permanent, step-by-step improvement of activities, processes, and products by all of the company’s employees with the objective of safeguarding quality and minimizing costs.

Corozen employee
COROZEN has its roots in the Japanese work philosophy Kaizen, which means "change the good for better". We have tailored this method to our needs and use it to permanently optimise our production.

QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Our certifications at a glance

Quality management needs to be conducted consistently, systematically, and in accordance with clearly defined criteria. For this reason, each of our company locations is regularly inspected by both in-house audits and certification bodies to ensure our compliance with national and international regulations and standards. You can find our certifications at a glance here.

The Coroplast Group is a certified company: With our certificates at all our locations, we regularly fulfil our promise of quality.


All certifications for our location in the USA are available here:


All certifications for our location in Moldavia are available here:

Your contact person Quality Coroplast Tape

Do you have questions about our quality management or certificates? Then please feel free to contact our Global Head of Quality Coroplast Tape.
Michael Leven
Global Head of Quality Coroplast Tape

Your contact person Quality Coroflex

Do you have questions about our quality management or certificates? Then please feel free to contact our Global Head of Quality Coroflex.
Andree Straube
Global Head of Quality Coroflex
Andree Straube

Your contact person Quality WeWire

Do you have questions about our quality management or certificates? Then please contact our Global Head of Quality WeWire.
Stefan Matthias
Global Head of Quality WeWire