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Portrait Joschka Jaszmann

From apprentice to successful production engineer: Joschka Jaszmann

Armed with ambition and no shortage of curiosity, Joschka Jaszmann can unleash his full potential at the Coroplast Group. As a production engineer on the Engineering team, his job is an interesting mix of office work and direct contact with colleagues and the machines. Read his Employee Story to find out what his career looks like in detail, which areas of responsibility he oversees today, and what his next steps are in the Coroplast Group.

The goal firmly in sight

After graduating from high school, Joschka Jaszmann initially started down an academic path by enrolling on a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering. Two semesters later, however, he decided to trade in the student life for something more practical. “I realized early on that I have an affinity for technical things, so I had a look around for suitable apprenticeships in my local area,“ says the 34-year-old, explaining his decision. As a Wuppertal local, he was already familiar with the Coroplast Group. In 2011, Joschka Jaszmann started his apprenticeship as an electronics technician for automation technology, which he successfully completed, and subsequently went on to further qualify as a state-certified technician. His role model for his chosen career was his former boss of that time: “I saw what was possible with the qualification. That’s when I knew: ‘I want to do that too!’”

Joschka Jaszmann in production environment
Joschka Jaszmann started his apprenticeship at the Coroplast Group in 2011.

Versatility personified: Production engineer

With his qualification in the bag, Joschka Jaszmann looked to the future. “I quickly realized that I wanted to join the Engineering team,” he recalls. “But my current boss, who was already in charge of the department back then, first had to create a suitable position for me. By doing so, he handed me an incredible opportunity.“

Since starting in this tailor-made role as a production engineer in 2019, Joschka Jaszmann has overseen the acquisition, further development and conversion of the machines – and in three locations at that: Germany, China and the USA. The 34-year-old is also responsible for improving production processes and acts as a point of contact for his colleagues for all kinds of questions about the machines – ranging from automation technology to electrical engineering to system control engineering. “That means it never gets boring,” he adds, laughing.

Boredom is alien to Joschka Jaszmann, even in his free time. Whether it’s at crossfit or on his bike: “I do some sort of exercise five times a week. It’s the perfect outlet for me.” His vacation time is just as action-packed – he would rather set off with a tent and a bike and explore new places under his own steam than spend hours lounging by the pool.

Technology is developing at a rapid pace, which is also the great thing about the job: you never stop learning, there's always something new coming along.

Joschka Jaszmann | Production Engineer Automation

The next career step with Start2Lead

Joschka Jaszmann’s career and all his previous positions at the Coroplast Group are paying off in his current role: thanks to having operated the machines himself, even repairing them in some cases, he knows them inside out – a decisive advantage when it comes to improving processes.

Currently, Joschka Jaszmann is taking part in Coroplast’s internal training program, Start2Lead. The goal of the course is to prepare future managers for their new role. Joschka Jaszmann is thrilled that the Coroplast Group has recognized his great potential: “I’m excited to see what the future holds for me. If the last 13 years are anything to go by, I’m looking forward to it!

The Coroplast Group in one word

Joschka Jaszmann thinks carefully about the question: “After all these years, there are several that come to mind. In my opinion the Coroplast Group is very dynamic and forward-looking – but since I can only pick one, I would say: innovative."

Portrait Joschka Jaszmann
Joschka Jaszmann describes the Coroplast Group as innovative.