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Sustainable since 1928 Coroplast Group Sustainability Initiative

The Coroplast Group is facing its responsibility. As part of the Coroplast Group Sustainability Initiative (CSI), the globally successful family-owned company has therefore produced its first Sustainability Report - covering the year 2020. We are guided by the principles of Environment, Social and Governance - in other words, we follow the ESG standard.

Whether upcycling or e-mobility in all its variants – as a family business, the topic of sustainability has always been high on our agenda.

collage of substanibility pictures

Coroplast Group Sustainability Initiative Precise targets - Concrete actions

Sustainable thinking and action have played a central role in our company since our foundation in 1928. This mindset has influenced our ideals and goals in many ways. Of course, we have already dedicated ourselves intensively to these topics in the past and reported on them in diverse documentation. But never before we have summarized our activities in such a compact way. What is new is that we have determined our greenhouse gas emissions in the form of CO2-equivalents and prepared them as part of a professional CO2-balance sheet.  

In the long term, we want our headquarters in Wuppertal and the German service centers to be climate-neutral by 2030. Therefore, we have set ourselves the following goals in the medium term:

  1. We are developing a plan to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 12/2021.
  2. We are enabling our employees to professionally measure our carbon footprint inhouse with software support starting 01/2022.
  3. We are continuously expanding our sustainability management with links to reporting and certified management systems until 12/2022. 
  4. We are extending our sustainability management, and specifically our greenhouse gas reduction strategy, to our foreign sites by 2024.

With our Sustainability Initiative, we are demonstrating that German small and medium-sized companies are taking the utmost care in meeting the aspects of sustainability and living up to their environmental and social responsibilities.

Natalie Mekelburger | President & CEO of the Coroplast Group

Environment Climate-neutral by 2030

In the area of environment and energy, it is particularly clear how closely economic and ecological sustainability belong together. This is why these areas play a central role for us as a manufacturing company. We have set ourselves ambitious goals and have already made good progress in recent years. For example, by purchasing green electricity, we have almost halved our carbon footprint at the Wuppertal site.

In 2020, the Coroplast Group has for the first time prepared a carbon footprint balance sheet in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol - this means that 2020 now serves as the base year for our future target achievements. Our goal: we want to operate in a climate-neutral manner at the Wuppertal site and the German service centers by 2030.

A graph showing the results of the 2020 carbon footprint.
Carbon footprint balance sheet in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

In addition to reducing our carbon footprint, we are pursuing numerous measures that contribute to our company's environmental and resources footprint. 

Circular Valley Coroplast Group is a foundation member

To advance the topic of the circular economy, we are involved as a foundation member of Circular Valley . The regional network brings together influential corporations, established companies and science with resourceful startups from around the world to jointly develop new ideas, clever concepts and practical solutions for an efficient circular economy.

More about our involvement in Circular Valley

Gas tower Wuppertal, venue of Demo Day 2021

Further actions of the Coroplast Group Sustainability Initiative

  • Management of resources - almost complete recycling of waste

    At our German sites, natural resources are mainly used in the form of raw materials or materials for product manufacture as well as for energy generation. Thus, our processes affect the atmosphere through directly and indirectly generated greenhouse gases or waste - 99.58% non-hazardous waste. Since the beginning of 2021, all heating systems on the site in Wuppertal have been converted to natural gas. As a result, we expect a further reduction in our emissions. 

    We are also active in recycling in the area of production: for example, we use recycled PET as a carrier material for cloth and non-woven adhesive tapes.

  • Innovative products - solutions for the challenges of tomorrow

    By using adhesive tapes as a protection and bundling system in the manufacture of wire harnesses tapes, the Coroplast Group is helping to reduce the amount of material used in the production of vehicles, to realize space-saving installation options and thus to effectively reduce weight - important criteria that can indirectly contribute to lower CO2 emissions in the automotive industry. 

    The latest development in space- and resource-saving cable protection

    Coroplast TapeTube 

    We are also setting important trends in the field of electromobility with high-voltage cables: optimized conductor designs, alternative conductor materials and the use of high-quality insulating materials reduce the installation space and weight of e-vehicles while serving the high electrical, thermal and mechanical requirements. 

    Coroflex solutions for e-mobility  

  • Innovationsmanagement - from ideas to market maturity

    In order to develop sustainable products, solutions, services and processes, the Coroplast Group consistently relies on cross-divisional exchange and on both established and innovative communication formats: For example, we have a company suggestion scheme for decades, in which our employees make suggestions for improvements.

    Another instrument is the well-established continuous improvement process (CIP), which we call COROZEN. 

    More about COROZEN 

    In addition, we have been gaining very positive experience with innovation workshops and agile projects for some time now.

    More about the innovation workshops Innovationsworkshops  

  • Upcycling-Initiative – with waste material to new products

    In 2021, the Coroplast Group launched the upcycling initiative "CoroUpcycling". The initiative is about reusing product waste or surplus material and producing high-quality utility items. At its core: creating a strong awareness for a more careful use of raw materials and resources.

    More about CoroUpcycling 

  • Corporate incentives - we live e-mobility and promote its use

    As a global supplier, the Coroplast Group sets benchmarks in electromobility. With our high-voltage and charging cables as well as special technical adhesive tapes, we offer comprehensive solutions for manufacturers of electric and hybrid vehicles.  

    We live e-mobility and are also committed to spreading this idea of a mobility of the future among our employees and in the region. 

    More on the topic of e-mobility at the Coroplast Group

  • Digital transformation - advanced technologies for sustainable goals

    As a market leader, the Coroplast Group aims to deliver top performance. To achieve this, it is also necessary to be at the forefront of technology and not only to be familiar with modern digital technologies, but to use them. The primary goal is to use digital processes to conserve resources and develop sustainable business models. For example, we have significantly optimized machine acceptance and support through the use of data glasses in production. In more practical terms, this means a reduction in business trips, less time spent and easier documentation of the inspection.

Social Valuation and encouragement of all employees

Our employees are our most valuable asset. Their identification with and loyalty to the Coroplast Group as well as their entrepreneurial commitment, curiosity and drive to learn are the essential core for our dynamic development. 

However, our employees are not like machines that only require technical maintenance; they need much more for their creative development. All of this can be summarized by the term appreciation, of course an appreciative payment, but also an appreciative perception of their performance. In addition, we support all employees with professional talent management. In this way, we attract, retain and develop our own talent. 

Training at the Coroplast Group

Picture of two Coroplast Group employees at a flipchart
Education and training in our CoroAcademy

Only by involving colleagues and the respective manager we can successfully analyze the potential of our employees and systematically promote our talents.

Marc Stawitzki | Global HR Director of the Coroplast Group

Commitment to health and sports

The Coroplast Group supports the vitality and well-being of its employees with numerous offers and activities. The aim of all measures is to enable them to carry out their work in a healthy manner, free of complaints, and to receive assistance in coping with work-related or private stress. We are regularly awarded the "Healthy Workforce" certificate for workforce health management and the wide range of activities we offer our employees.

Running has also been very popular with us for many years. For example, many employees take part in the regional "Schwebebahn Run" or the Düsseldorf "Metro Group Marathon". The highlight in 2021 so far has been the "Wuppertal Challenge", in which around 140 international colleagues collected running kilometers for a good cause.  

More about the social commitment of the Coroplast Group  

Picture of Coroplast employees during running training
Coroplast Sport Event: Employees at all sites worldwide are encouraged to participate in sports activities.

Governance Staying on track with management systems and certificates

It is important to us to manage the Coroplast Group as lean as possible and, above all, as effectively as possible. For a company with 8,400 employees on four continents, this means a whole range of instruments that enable us to identify deviations from our targets at an early stage and take effective countermeasures. 

In the financial area, these include business reporting, our risk management system and the Tax CMS for controlling tax risks. Other software-supported systems in HR and in the production areas, and even our quality management systems in the business units and the energy and environmental audits at our sites. 

As a company in the automotive sector, we have numerous certified management systems. 

Our certificates  

The Coroplast Group thrives on the trust of its customers, employees and the public in the integrity and performance of the company. Trust, fairness and reliability are central to our success. That is why, since 2018, we have relied on a globally valid

Compliance Management System 

CEO Natalie Mekelburger in conversation
Natalie Mekelburger has led the family business since 2008 as CEO.

Sustainability Report 2020

Here you can download our Sustainability Report 2020.

Contact Sustainability – Environment

Do you have any questions about our sustainability strategy in the area environment? Then please feel free to contact the Team Leader Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection of the Coroplast Group.
Stefan Erhard
Team Leader Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection

Contact Sustainability – Social and Governance

Do you have any questions about our sustainability strategy in the areas social or governance? Then please feel free to contact the Head of Corporate Affairs of the Coroplast Group.