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Story Developing together

Things looked quite different in Wuppertal back in 2004 as 24-year-old Nina Finke with her degree in business joined the Coroplast Group as a Key Account Manager. Dr Kurt Müller, the father of Natalie Mekelburger, was Managing Director, the Company had one third fewer employees and it was just taking its first step in Asia by establishing Coroplast Harness Technology Co., Ltd. in Taicang, China.

In Wuppertal, decisions are made quickly

That’s what Nina Finke likes so much about the Coroplast Group: in Wuppertal, decisions are made quickly. She is in constant dialogue with everyone involved in product development and marketing. “For instance, together with the Development department and the Sales team, we look at: What do we still need to improve? Which feature do we need to add? Where do we still have gaps in the product range?” All these points are discussed at regular meetings, but also in the hallways, in the staff kitchen or just spontaneously. “Every door is open and everyone can speak to everyone else if they have any questions or if there is a problem. I really appreciate that!” And Nina Finke knows how to leverage these advantages: her ability to network within the company, incredible in-depth expertise and the openness to tackle new challenges with courage and determination – those are the qualities that make her so strong.

A family company – in the truest sense of the word

Coroplast Tape is much more than a job for Nina Finke. The family atmosphere is what makes the difference for her – despite major growth in the workforce. Colleagues still help and rely on one another. And when asked about the greatest highlight of the last 15 years, she replies: “I’ll always remember our Grand Opening in 2014 with the inauguration of the BPH coating machine and the founding of the Centre of Expertise for Technical Adhesive Tapes in Wuppertal. For everyone present that day, we all knew that it was going to be a great thing for the future.” For that reason, Nina Finke also looks forward to staying with Coroplast Tape for the next 15 years.

Nina Finke cannot help thinking back to those days with a certain pride: “It’s quite amazing to see how the Coroplast Group has developed in the last couple of decades – and very satisfying for me personally to know that I’ve been a part of it.” If you ask the 39-year-old from Wuppertal why she is still at the company, she spontaneously answers: “There has always been a great deal of progress here and I have never stood still in terms of my own personal development. It has always been very exciting, and I have had the opportunity to play a major part in developing new ideas. I’ve been doing that for 15 years now. If it continues like this, then why should I want it to change?”

A worldwide career

Nina Finke has come a long way at the Coroplast Group and has developed excellent knowledge of the Technical Adhesive Tapes business unit as you can see by her current position as Group Product Manager Tapes. “This is a completely new position at Coroplast Tape. The Sales or Development departments used to be responsible for product management. From a sales point of view, I’m familiar with all the adhesive tapes used in our three main markets – which is very helpful in my new position.” Nina Finke began as Key Account Manager  Automotive and Building Industry, she then spent five years as Sales Specialist Joining & Fastening Tapes before becoming Sales & Marketing Manager at the plant in Rock Hill. “The two and a half years I spent in the USA were a very exciting time. I have never regretted one single day of the time spent in the States.” At that time she was also responsible for ensuring smooth interaction and communication with the parent company. “It was important to me to bring the Coroplast Tape spirit over to the States. I was welcomed with open arms and I’m happy every time I go back there!

I really enjoy getting everyone involved. First and foremost, my job is all about communication, i.e. bringing everyone up to speed when it comes to information about a new product or feature.

Nina Finke | Group Product Manager Tapes