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The perfect job – thanks to Facebook!

It was just like in a Hollywood film. On the very last day of her student exchange trip to the USA in 2010, Julia Dummer fell in love with Spencer Smith. The couple maintained a long-distance relationship that even withstood the seven-year itch. In December 2016, they got married and Julia, whose surname is now Smith, wanted to move to Charlotte, South Carolina to be with her new husband. Perfect happiness? Almost! Julia didn’t want to be the type of immigrant who doesn’t worry about the future and lives from nothing but love and fresh air, but how could she find a job in America while still living in Germany? Her friend Kim, who works in the purchasing department at the Coroplast Group, told her that the company has a location not far from Charlotte in the USA and advised her to simply try her luck there.

The American dream

So Julia contacted the Coroplast Group– and did so in an unusual way via an interview with Radio Wuppertal: “Coroplast also has a site in Rock Hill, only 20 minutes away from Charlotte. If anyone from Coroplast is listening, my name is Julia Smith and I’d love to come and work at your company!” Via radio and a subsequent Facebook post, Julia’s call for help found its way to the Coroplast personnel department, who suggested she send in an unsolicited application. And guess what? On 5 December, only 18 days after arriving in Charlotte, Julia was invited to a job interview – and since the beginning of January she has worked for Coroplast Tape Corporation (CTC) as a sales assistant.

Born in Wuppertal, Julia is a trained office management assistant. In her hometown she began working for a personnel services provider, but had always wanted a position in sales. Preferably for a medium-sized company, “because you are still treated like a person and not just a number”. And Julia’s professional dream really came true, as the sales department in the USA was just being expanded and Julia’s application came along just at the right time. At the moment she is mainly busy with administrative matters and at the same time learning how to support and advise customers at Coroplast in the USA. Moreover, she has also just completed her first business trip, as she took the opportunity to fly to Ohio where she got to know the people working for Coroplast Tape’s sales partner EuroTech. Julia is particularly inspired by the company's high quality standards: “Adhesive tapes are produced according to strict specifications and regulations. It is really interesting to see how many people are involved in manufacturing a product of this unique quality and standard.”

The contact with colleagues at the company is both familiar and friendly. I realise how lucky I was to find a job so quickly – and then for a great company like the Coroplast Tape Corporation. Sometimes I can hardly believe how smoothly everything fell into place.

Julia Smith | Sales Customer Account Manager, Coroplast Tape Corporation (CTC)

Family business feel-good factor

Julia soon felt very much at home at Coroplast Tape: “The day before yesterday I met Marcus Söhngen, the global manager of our Technical Adhesive Tapes business unit. He came straight up to me and said: ‘Hello, you must be the girl from the radio’. Something like that only happens to you in a family-run company like the Coroplast Group.” And she also finds the Chairwoman of the Board of Management both very impressive and at the same time incredibly likeable: “Here we followed Ms Mekelburger’s 90th anniversary speech with great excitement. Once you have seen her and heard her speak, you immediately understand why she is the boss.” And when Julia is homesick for Wuppertal, she greatly appreciates working for a company with German roots, especially as she can also have the occasional chat with some of her colleagues in German.