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WHAT DRIVES US The Coroplast Group - an internationally successful family business

The Coroplast Group is a globally successful, independent, family-run company that is managed in the third generation by Natalie Mekelburger as President & CEO. In the course of its 90-year history, this Group with three business units in the meantime has evolved from the local manufacturer of electrical insulation materials to a global player and technology leader in the fields of Technical Adhesive Tapes, Wires & Cables, and Wire Harnesses.

Our motivation Doing things differently

Employing approx. 7,100 people, we not only manufacture at our headquarters in Wuppertal, but also in Poland, China, Tunisia, the USA, Mexico, and Moldova. As a result, we always stay close to our customers, who mainly come from the automotive industry.

Our driving forces are entrepreneurship and a true pioneering spirit. We are not simply satisfied with the existing status quo, but distinguish ourselves in each of our business fields by creating processes and products that are better than those of our competitors. Our motto is “Doing things differently” – always with the best interests of our customers in mind.

Portrait of Natalie Mekelburger
Natalie Mekelburger, the Chief Executive Officer of the Coroplast Group

OUR BUSINESS CARD Overview of Coroplast

Coroplast Fritz Müller GmbH & Co. KG with its three brands Coroplast Tape, Coroflex, and WeWire has its headquarters in Wuppertal. The company premises are still the production site, but also the headquarters of the three business units and the central units. In addition, the Coroplast Group acts from there as a coordinative and cultural focal point of the company.

  • Independent, family-managed enterprise, employing some 7,100 people worldwide 
  • Founded by Fritz Müller in 1928
  • Headquarters in Wuppertal with approx. 900 employees
  • Group sales in 2023: approx. 780 million euros
  • Management Board: Natalie Mekelburger, Marcus Söhngen, and Torben Kämmerer
  • Subsidiary brand Coroplast Tape – Business Unit Technical Adhesive Tapes
  • Subsidiary brand Coroflex – Business Unit Wires & Cables
  • Subsidiary brand WeWire – Business Unit Wires Harnesses
  • Subsidiaries and production plants in Poland, China, Tunisia, the USA, Mexico, and Moldova as well as service centers throughout the world
  • Largest sector: Automotive industry
Coroplast Plant in China
Since 2004, the Coroplast Group has also been represented with various production facilities in China

In my view, responsible corporate management consists of three things: an organization that is always capable of reacting and adapting to situations as they arise, sensitive risk management, and a strong employer brand capable of attracting highly qualified staff and giving them a place to become part of a loyal core team.

Natalie Mekelburger | President & CEO of the Coroplast Group since 2006

Our mission statement

In addition to our consistent focus on customer needs, we follow a clear mission statement in our daily cooperation. This is based on our shared values and principles.

Our vision

Coroplast Group invariably occupies a leading position in all its current and future fields of business. Coroplast is the partner of choice for customers and other stakeholders because we always think ahead to retain our leading edge.​

Our mission

Our unbending ambition to keep driving the evolution of each individual business unit powers the growth of the entire family-run Coroplast Group, maintaining a keen focus on our characteristic corporate culture that stands for the constant will to change, social resposibility, sustainable management, financial strength and independence.

Our purpose

  • We strive for market success with qualitatively and technically outstanding processes and products.
  • Our products are designed to make our customers more successful and also the world a little bit better. This is achieved through contributing to the durability, sustainability and superior functionality of the finished products that our products are part of.
  • These goals and their fulfillment in the context of our corporate culture create satisfaction, a sense of achievement, identification, personal development, economic security and prosperity for our employees.
  • With lasting success, we succeed in making the Coroplast Group a pillar of stability for our employees, which conveys a higher level of security than is usual with other players, institutions and the political level.
  • Being part of our corporate family leads to a sense of belonging, recognition and fulfillment.

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT Straightforward decision-making, flat hierarchies, and plenty of individual responsibility

Despite our size and international strategy, we consciously preserve and maintain the character and structures of a family-run company. This means: partners, the advisory board, and the management board collaborate closely and maintain a culture of straightforward decision-making based on flat hierarchical structures that are reflected throughout the entire organization. We are independent of banks and not controlled either by investors or shareholders.

For that reason, our claim “Keeping you connected” not only applies to our customer proximity and our products, it is also our mission statement for the relationship we have to our suppliers and employees – at all levels of hierarchy and at all of our locations. We are aware that long-term relations create continuity, stability, and mutual trust. We foster employees who are willing to assume responsibility, have the courage to change, and a passion to create. That is how we develop the innovative products and services that make long-term customer relationships possible.

Flat hierarchies, fast decision-making processes and close ties characterize the family-owned company Coroplast Group.

With our development expertise as well as our own processes and technologies, we create innovative products that stand out from the market and that inspire our customers time and again.

Marcus Söhngen | Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

WHAT WE BUILD ON Tradition, responsibility – and ambitious further development

We are proud of our long-standing history and assume responsibility for people and the environment now and in the future – whether at our headquarters in Wuppertal or at one of our locations in the world. As a family-managed company, we attach great importance to integrity. That’s why we rely on transparent rules of conduct that create trust, set standards, and are constantly checked for effectiveness. After all, we are aware that we can only develop the Coroplast Group if we have continual and ambitious commitment to change.

The Coroplast Management Board
The management of the Coroplast Group: Marcus Söhngen, Natalie Mekelburger and Torben Kämmerer (from left to right)

Keeping you connected The Coroplast Group in 2 minutes