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Coroplast Group | News | 22 Jul 2022 The Coroplast Group is proud to be a “Great Place To Work”

The institute “Great Place to Work” has conducted a survey among our employees and certified us as an “attractive employer.“ They certified that our leadership is trustworthy and fair, that our employees are actively supported, and that our company culture is marked by respect, trust, pride, and a sense of team spirit.

A special certification

The “Great Place To Work” certification means a lot to the Coroplast Group. As opposed to other certificates, this particular one is not based on an external assessment but is awarded solely on the basis of our employees’ open and constructive feedback.

In this strictly regulated and transparent survey, employees are asked to answer a number of questions in the focus areas Trustworthiness, Respect, Fairness, Pride, and Team Spirit. We are thankful, and also a little proud, that we were able to achieve a “good” in all of these categories—which places us a few percentage points above comparable companies. In addition, we are very happy that the majority of participants would recommend the Coroplast Group as an employer.  

Three employees of the Coroplast Group on the shop floor
Great Place To Work: The Coroplast Group encourages employees to have their say and wants to continue and deepen a culture of communicating and influencing in all directions.

We want to become even better

Of course, we are not going to rest on our laurels after achieving the Great Place To Work status. While we want to further promote those aspects that are already working well, we want to get even better. In addition, we take the critical feedback very seriously and want to work with it by introducing concrete measures to make the Coroplast Group an even greater place to work. By working closely with the many insights that we have gained through the survey, we want to show our employees that their feedback matters and moves things in our company.    

Later this year, we will roll out the employee survey at all our international sites. Moreover, in the fall of 2023, we will then poll all sites once more to see if the implemented changes have already made a difference. We hope that even more employees want to share their feedback then and thereby contribute to making the Coroplast Group a Great Place To Work.

The Coroplast Group was awarded as a "Great Place To Work".