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Coroplast Global | News | 02 Aug 2023 The social commitment of our apprentices at the Wuppertaler Kindertafel

As a family-owned company with regional roots, it is part of our self-image to take responsibility and to actively shape society. That is why our apprentices are also committed to social projects, such as Tafel Wuppertal e.V.
Eight apprentices from the Coroplast Group at the Tafel in Wuppertal
Give it all they've got: Melanie Resch, HR Specialist Apprentices Professionals (right) and Markus Langendorf, HR Expert Apprentices Production (left) are proud of the eight apprentices of the Coroplast Group, who worked with full commitment for two days.

Developing social awareness among young talents

On so-called "Social Days", companies get involved for the common good and do voluntary work. As part of this campaign, our commercial and industrial apprentices were involved with the Kindertafel in Wuppertal.  

Over two days, they provided the organization with active support in sorting donated food in the warehouse, painting the walls of the new reading room, setting up closets, sorting toys and organizing them in the new furniture. Last but not least, the apprentices also started a fundraising campaign among our employees. 

Four apprentices setting up furniture in the new reading room
In addition to a fresh coat of paint, the apprentices also took care of setting up the furniture.

This has been an interesting and significant experience, everyone should have done it once. We were surprised to see how much work and organization goes into running a food bank on a daily basis.

Wiebke Hantschel & Melina Tschierse | Apprentices at the Coroplast Group

Everyone benefits from Social Day

Our apprentices' commitment is a wonderful win-win situation: On the one hand, the Kindertafel receives much-needed support for its important projects and can inspire young people for the good cause. On the other hand, our young talents get to know the day-to-day work of a food bank and they learn what motivates people to come here. Furthermore, they are living an important part of our corporate culture — namely the social commitment for and with the region that is so close to our hearts. 

Apprentice sorting fruit and vegetable donations
Well sorted: The apprentices helped prepare the food donations for the food bank ready for distribution.

Support the Tafel Wuppertal

Our team at the Tafel Wuppertal and the Kindertafel is looking forward to people who want to volunteer their time. Everyone is welcome to contribute their skills — and of course the team is also happy to receive donations of food or clothing in good condition, as well as furniture for the social department store run by the association.

Further information about the Tafel Wuppertal 

The completed room is hardly recognisable anymore.
Before/afterwards The completed room is hardly recognisable anymore. It offers the children from the day care a retreat where they can freely develop and relax.

YOUR CONTACT PERSON Careers – Graduates & Students

Do you have questions about our Social Day? Then please feel free to contact me!

YOUR CONTACT PERSON Careers – Graduates & Students

Do you have questions about our Social Day? Then please feel free to contact me!