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Coroplast Global | News | 12 Apr 2022 Moldovan Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița visits WeWire

On 24 March, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova gained a personal impression of our production location in Căuşeni. Not only did the war in Ukraine come up, but also the special importance of WeWire as an employer for the region.

Valuable jobs for the region

During a visit through the production halls, the politician got an impression of our factory and the daily work of the meanwhile 400 employees at the site. WeWire is one of the most important employers in the region and therefore has more than just a purely economic impact. For it is above all a matter of training local people, developing them into skilled workers and retaining and binding them. The Minister President considered it a particularly positive signal that another 130 employees are currently being sought for the plant - especially in these very difficult times.

Tour through the WeWire plant by the Prime Minister
Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița and Plant Manager Vladimir Roşca on the tour of the WeWire factory.

Training and further education is a priority topic

An important topic in the discussions between Natalia Gavrilița and the factory management was the diverse training and further education programmes. All employees are trained on the job during the probationary period and some are subsequently trained in the company's production facilities in Poland, Tunisia, China, Mexico and the USA. Since the opening of the plant in 2017, WeWire Moldova has established a long-term cooperation with the local authorities of Căuşeni in order to find local people and fill the vacancies with suitable candidates - regardless of gender, age, religion, etc. The company has been working with the local authorities since the beginning of the project. For these exceptional activities, the company was awarded the national employment agency's "Best Employer 2020" prize.

Production hall at the WeWire plant in Molova
Employees at the WeWire site in Căuşeni find thoroughly modern production facilities and good working conditions.

Employee satisfaction

In addition, WeWire also offers employees free transfers to the workplace, for example. Likewise, the topic of inclusion plays a major role - we also employ people with physical disabilities. WeWire is aware of the importance of building a special relationship with employees based on respect for people, the environment and the local culture.

In order to increase employee satisfaction, WeWire works intensively to create a positive corporate culture and an environment in which all employees feel valued and comfortable, whether through special training measures, joint celebrations or special appreciation measures for special achievements.


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Verena Rheinberg
Specialist Corporate Communications