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Coroplast Global | News | 05 May 2023 Girls'Day 2023 at the Coroplast Group

On the nationwide Girls'Day, girls have the opportunity to learn about occupational fields in which women have so far been underrepresented. The Coroplast Group participated in this valuable initiative again this year - with interesting insights into the areas of IT and production.

Girlpower at the Coroplast Group

In professions and study programs such as IT, skilled trades, sciences or engineering, the proportion of women is below 40 percent on average. It's time for a change! The Coroplast Group wants to break down outdated role clichés and ensure more diversity: That's why we once again took part in the Girls'Day initiative at the end of April. This gives girls the chance to get a taste of professions that have so far been the domain of men. We are very pleased that this year we were able to give eight female students a lively insight into the areas of IT and production and to arouse noticeable enthusiasm.

The eight participants of Girls'Day 2023 in front of the main entrance of the Coroplast Group in Wuppertal
The eight participants of Girls'Day 2023.

Tinkering and coding in IT

One of the two teams visited our department of IT. Here the girls, supported by our instructor Alexander Toussaint, were allowed to explore the individual components of a computer in a very special way: Together, they took on the challenge of completely disassembling a computer and then reassembling it. Afterwards, the girls developed their own version of the classic game "Frogger" with the help of the "Scratch" software, which is particularly suitable for beginners. In this creative task, the young talents learned about the first logical and algorithmic processes from professional software development. Of course, fun was the main focus of all activities. And so everyone agreed: "I definitely want to continue with this!"

Four participants at laptops in the IT department
The four girls agreed: "Programming a game and taking apart a PC were really cool tasks."

Soldering and screwing in production

The second quartet was invited to our production and was allowed to gain practical experience in the use of the soldering iron. The girls also learned how to prepare, set down and crimp electrical wires and connect a Schuko plug. In addition, they had the opportunity to install a pushbutton with a light source and a power supply on a mounting plate. Our expert Markus Langendorf guided the girls and was completely enthusiastic: "Everyone was very open-minded and committed. I was really impressed by how skillfully and carefully the participants worked."

An employee explains a component in production to the four girls.
Everyone was thrilled: "We were able to do a lot ourselves and help out. That was fantastic!"

A complete success

This Girls'Day was a great experience for both the young women and our employees. We would like to thank them for their visit and are already looking forward to next year!

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