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Compliance Transparent rules of conduct that create trust

Coroplast Group has grown strongly in recent years and is becoming increasingly international. At the same time, we are faced with an increasing number of regulations and standards. In this context, it is our responsibility to ensure that the decisions and actions taken for the company are consistent with applicable legal requirements and our ethical standards.

Compliance Management System

To ensure sustainable compliance, we at Coroplast Group have set up a Compliance Management System (CMS) tailored to our needs. This provides guidance for all employees in Germany and abroad. The most important points are summarized in our Code of Conduct.

We have had discussions with many executives, including those abroad, and have received many practical suggestions from co-workers on the topic of compliance. We considered them in making the Code of Conduct as concise and practical as possible.

Roland Merta | General Counsel and Compliance Officer

Information to download

The Compliance Officer handles all questions relating to our Code of Conduct, both internally and in collaboration with our business partners. To ensure that our Code of Conduct is comprehensible and can be adhered to, we have formulated our Code of Conduct, which expresses the value foundation of our company succinctly.

If you have any questions about a matter, our Compliance Officer would be happy to answer them: compliance@coroplast-group.com

Your contact person Compliance

Do you have questions about compliance or the Code of Conduct of Coroplast Group? Then you are welcome to contact the Compliance Officer.