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Coroplast Global | News | 11 Sep 2023 EU Regulation of the Chemical Industry - Statement of the Coroplast Group

The planned changes to the regulation of the chemical industries threaten Europe as a business location and thus also medium-sized processors of chemical products such as the Coroplast Group. This could threaten the existence of the company. That's why we are expressing our opinion on this and making specific demands.

Projects threaten innovative strength and competitiveness

As part of the Green Deal, the EU also wants to drive the circular economy in the chemicals sector and reduce net emissions to zero by 2050. However, these goals, which are worthy of support in themselves, can have a dramatic impact on competitiveness and employment in the chemical industry - one of Europe's last leading industries on a global scale.

Statement & list of demands

In a statement, we describe the possible effects on the medium-sized chemical industry as well as the processors of chemical products, underpin these with concrete examples for the Coroplast Group, explain the interrelationships and formulate concrete demands.

We need an economic policy for and not against the companies producing in Germany and Europe, for the people employed in them and for environmental and climate protection. That is why we have decided to express our views.

Dr. Martin Uebele | Principal Policy and Public Affairs

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