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Coroplast Global | News | 19 Oct 2023 Guided plant tours for our employees

At the Coroplast Group, we are proud of our state-of-the-art production of adhesive tapes, cables and wires. On regular plant tours, colleagues can experience first-hand how our first-class products are created. As a family-owned company, we see this as an excellent opportunity to create cross-departmental networking and to establish strong employee identification with our products.

Some interesting insights into production

The Coroplast plant tours at the Wuppertal site give our employees the opportunity to get to know the entire value chain of the three business units Coroplast Tape, Coroflex and WeWire. From the delivery of materials to the set-up of the plants and shipment – experienced colleagues lead tours through the production facilities and share exciting insights into the complex manufacturing processes. Participants are always fascinated by the high level of automation, the numerous robots, the driverless transport system, the continuous improvement processes, and the impressive dimensions of our high-bay warehouses. At our company, man and machine work hand in hand.

Driverless transport system at Coroplast Tape with master spool
Automated Guided Vehicles, known affectionately as CORA, are an important part of the automation in Coroplast Tape’s production plant.

I work in administration at Coroplast Tape. I’ve now seen what they do here on the other floors – very impressive!

Julia Brochheuser | Marketing Specialist, Coroplast Tape

A worthwhile opportunity

Our plant tours create transparency and trust by helping employees to better understand internal processes. They also strengthen the team spirit, exchange and cooperation between the various business areas. And, importantly, the pride and enthusiasm of our tour guides in their own production plant contribute to this. Their passion is irresistibly infectious!

Two employees in the Coroflex production hall
At Coroflex’s production facility, visitors can expect exciting insights into the production of cables and wires for a wide variety of applications.

Not only for new employees

Of course, we’re keen to address new employees in particular with these quarterly plant tours. But longstanding colleagues are also very welcome. Because regardless of whether you are a newcomer or an old hand – the Coroplast Group is always on the move and there is always something new for everyone to discover. Continuous training and lifelong learning are a part of everyday working life here.