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Coroplast Global | News | 16 Jul 2021 OESA membership: WeWire strengthens network in the U.S. market

WeWire strengthens its business network in the U.S. market by becoming a member of the Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA).

A promising membership

WeWire wants to strengthen existing partnerships and reach new market segments and further industry contacts. To do so, the business unit of the Coroplast Group is strengthening its business network in the U.S. market and is becoming a member of the important industry association Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA) - one of the few associations in the USA that deals holistically with the issues of automotive suppliers. Through networking, WeWire wants to be able to adapt even faster and better to the special market characteristics and new development trends in the future. In addition, the association's work aims to proactively position itself as an important source of inspiration for innovation and development. 

International networks enable consistent customer orientation

By building sustainable international business networks, WeWire consistently focuses on a strong customer orientation. The development of solutions for tomorrow's challenges means that innovation processes will be implemented even more frequently in collaboration with partners in the future. The expansion and intensification of customer contacts is a key strategic pillar in this process. 

The Original Equipment Suppliers Association is an ideal opportunity to establish new customer contacts and intensify existing partnerships in the U.S. market. We look forward to the exchange and cooperation with other members - as a technology partner, WeWire can make its customers more successful and more competent.

Tim Vogt | Global Key Account Manager New Customers

The exchange enhances the innovative power of the entire industry

At OESA's regular events, important market developments are shared, relevant industry information is discussed, and common market challenges are tackled. Most important, innovative thought leaders and proven industry experts at decision-making level come together. 
Attendees enjoy sharing best practice examples - from the unique perspective of carmakers or automotive suppliers - as well as reports on forward-looking projects. 

At the events, we talk about current developments in the industry and the challenges of tomorrow. For WeWire, this is a great opportunity to promote our innovative strength and enter significant partnerships. From experience, I can report that a membership with the OESA produces many positive results and supports us optimally in our goals.

Paul Nickl | Country Manager America

About Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA)

Since 1998, OESA has addressed issues of common concern and advocating on behalf of the supplier community throughout the supply chain and in Washington, D.C. OESA cultivates and maintains relationships with automotive associations and government agencies with the objective of addressing issues of common concern and fostering global supplier network opportunities. 

OESA is one of four divisions of the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA). 

Shaping the transformation of the automotive industry

In 2020 Natalie Mekelburger, CEO of the Coroplast Group, was elected to the Managing Board of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). The VDA is the umbrella organization of German automobile manufacturers and suppliers, headquartered in Berlin. With its 600 member companies, it is one of the most influential interest groups in Germany.