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Coroplast Global | News | 27 Jan 2023 Six apprentices have successfully completed their apprenticeship

The Coroplast Group has two reasons to be pleased: on the one hand, we are proud to congratulate six apprentices on passing their final exams again this year. And on the other hand, we are looking forward to further cooperation, because all six young talents will continue to work for the Coroplast Group in different functions.

Every year again - and yet every time something special

In 2023, four female and two male trainees again successfully completed their training with us. For the junior staff, the last few years were an exciting time: Parallel to vocational school, they were able to work closely with established colleagues as fully-fledged team members, benefit from their experience, but also contribute a lot of their own ideas in the departments and practically apply their freshly acquired knowledge in a variety of projects there. 

We are very proud that all of our apprentices have passed their final exams - some even with the overall grade very good! We would also like to thank all apprentices for the trust they have placed in our work and are pleased that they will all remain part of the Coroplast Group team.

Melanie Schmidt | HR Specialist Apprentices – Commercial

Growth for the Coroplast family

We invest a lot of money and time in our apprentices. For the Coroplast Group, apprenticeship means actively promoting young talent. So it is no coincidence that we will be taking on the five newly qualified industrial clerks and our new industrial mechanic as permanent employees. 

We wish our young professionals a successful start to their careers and a warm welcome to the team!

Five Coroplast Group apprentices with their final certificate
Congratulations: A total of six apprentices (one apprentice not pictured) successfully completed their training at the Coroplast Group in 2023.