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Story A lot more than just forklift driving...

At the beginning, it was just a job for Sergej Brejl, as the 23-year-old was only working at Coroplast Tape on a temporary basis, but he soon attracted his manager’s attention: “In some situations, Mr Brejl showed his ability to complete quite difficult tasks without help and even provided some of his more experienced colleagues with support. That is quite exceptional and shows what he is capable of,” says Sascha Jost, group leader for adhesive tapes logistics at Coroplast Tape, who promptly offered Sergej Brejl a traineeship

Sergej Brejl gladly took up the offer and, in August 2017, became the first trainee warehouse logistics specialist at Coroplast Tape. Sergej is very happy in his new position: “I don’t just sit at one spot all day and warehouse logistics is a lot more than just forklift driving.” The forklift driver’s licence – which everyone typically associates with the occupation – is indeed a basic requirement for professionally transporting raw materials and finished products in-house, even though it only takes up two days of the three-year vocational training. The occupation itself, however, is extremely diversified, as trainees work their way through all the relevant logistics departments, i.e. incoming goods, the warehouse itself and dispatch. In the incoming goods department, Sergej enters the raw materials as they arrive, unloads them and checks them for completeness and quality. Once in the warehouse, he scans the goods and prepares them for production use. In the dispatch department, the finished products are then packaged and labelled. Moreover, he gains an insight into the special logistical requirements of an automotive supplier.

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Building soapboxes...

So far, Sergej’s highlights outside the warehouse have included attending a team day for trainees, where he got to know the other young people from each year. The 30 trainees were given the task of building soapboxes, three of which finally made it to the starting line – and Sergej Brejl’s team were the winners!

Sergei Brejl ( on the right side of the picture) with his soapbox team.

...and meeting the boss

Secondly, just after beginning his training, Sergej had the opportunity to personally meet Natalie Mekelburger, Chairwoman of the Board of Management, who attaches great importance to shaking hands with and meeting each employee face to face, at least those who work at the company headquarters. Sergej Brejl thinks it’s great that the boss really takes the time to meet the young trainees personally, and that “this is the normal way things are done here.”

Sergej Brejl (second from left) at the getting to know the trainees with Mrs Mekelburger.

The apprenticeship is diversified and I really enjoy working here. Apart from that, my colleagues made me feel like part of the team, right from the start. I would most definitely recommend my friends to apply for a job here!

Sergej Brejl | Trainee Warehouse Logistics Specialist