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Story Work shoes below, jacket above

As Frank Bollweg joined the company in 1988, the Coroplast Group employed a staff of only 350 people in Wuppertal. As a young human resources employee, he experienced the expansion at first hand. Driven by the pioneering spirit of those times, Frank Bollweg travelled throughout Germany in his search for skilled staff and all-round talents for the company’s production facilities. Quite often he recruited new employees right there where people get their hands dirty: in workshops and factory buildings. He once said that the ideal human resources expert for the Coroplast Group is someone who wears a smart suit, work shoes, and doesn’t mind spending time in industrial environments. For the last 29 years he has been Head of Human Resources in Germany with a team for recruiting, HR development and classical personnel support.

After nearly three decades in the company, Frank Bollweg is one of the old hands at the Coroplast Group. In his position, personal contact at all levels of the hierarchy is something he finds particularly important. Sometimes his work takes him to the production department to sort out a problem, at other times he may be presenting the new organisational structure of a department, conducting job interviews, or consulting with the Works Council. Anyone who thought the 58-year-old might take things a bit easier in his free time would be wrong. He is passionate about his work and also makes good use of his knowledge in an honorary capacity in several institutions: as a judge at the regional labour court in Düsseldorf, at the CCI, and in various work groups. To relax, Frank Bollweg likes to go out and enjoy nature: he has fishing and hunting licences, knows how to steer recreational and sailing boats and even how to call for help in an emergency, as he is also proficient in international maritime mobile services.

As soon as someone begins working at the Coroplast Group, they become part of the family. Together we go through thick and thin.

Frank Bollweg | Human Ressource Director

“Over the years, the word has got around within the company that Bollweg is a good person to talk to for advice. I maintain close contact to everyone who wants it – from managing directors to machine operators in the production. People like to come and tell me about their troubles and woes, because I enjoy working with people and have only rarely been disappointed.
The Coroplast Group is a family-run company – and that is quite noticeable. After all these years I still enjoy going to work. I have a team who I can absolutely rely on, who would even get up and leave their Christmas dinner and go to work if it became necessary.”