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Story Anything but aloof

A lively chat on the fourth floor? There must be something special happening. There where only the hissing sound of the coffee machine is usually heard, the new apprentices and dual students are standing around in the modern kitchenette. And right among them is Natalie Mekelburger, Chairwoman of the Board of Management. “How do you like it here at the Coroplast Group? Have you enjoyed your first few weeks here?” she asks the slightly nervous group of young people. She regularly invites junior employees up to the management floor in order to get to know them.

Approachable, successful and firmly rooted

As the chairwoman of an internationally successful, family-managed enterprise, Natalie Mekelburger appreciates the personal contact with her staff. Flights of fancy and remoteness are completely foreign to her. In more than ten years under her leadership, not only have sales revenues doubled, she has also had an unmistakable impact on the company’s culture: partners, the advisory board and the management team all work together very closely. Decisions are made promptly, the hierarchies are flat, bureaucracy is kept to a minimum and the size and international strategy of the Coroplast Group have done nothing to change that. Natalie Mekelburger appreciates the company’s success and has never forgotten that the Coroplast Group started out as a small company in 1928 and that it was sometimes a stony path on the way to becoming what it is today. She is well aware that the company’s greatest asset is its employees.
Due to its exemplary employee-oriented policies, the Coroplast Group was voted Top Employer Germany for the twelfth time in 2020 and the people of Wuppertal know that the brand identifies itself closely with its location. The Coroplast Group has been highly committed to promoting art and culture in the region for many years and for that reason, at the end of 2016 the company received the “Nadel der Medici” business award for its exceptional dedication to the world of art. Walking through the various buildings, a brief glance into the offices reveals the numerous artworks that immediately catch the eye of every employee and visitor.

Everyone works hard and feels like an integral part of the company. That’s what the Coroplast Group is all about.

Natalie Mekelburger | President & CEO of the Coroplast Group

People at the centre

"I am frequently asked what makes the Coroplast Group successful. Then I tell them: it’s the people. Our great team of employees who work with genuine passion, who not only meet their targets, but show commitment way beyond our expectations. This common spirit makes us strong, perhaps even somewhat stronger than many other companies and competitors. We encourage people who are willing to take on responsibility – whether in Wuppertal or at one of our other locations abroad. Moreover, we acknowledge people’s courage to embrace change and the pleasure they take in creating something new. In fact, it sometimes even leads to our employees being allowed to overstep their competences, but only if they are acting in the best interest of the company, of course."