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Story „Selfie, please!“

As Dennis Kottirre is gradually looking forward to finishing work for the day, his colleagues in South Carolina are just getting going. On the other side of the Atlantic in Rock Hill, in the morning they may have talked about topics they would like to discuss with the young sales specialist based in the Wuppertal headquarters. How do we design an adhesive tape so that it exactly meets customer requirements? Which strategy should we use at the next meeting with the customer?

Versatile and single-minded

The 25-year-old International Key Account Manager for technical adhesive tapes is responsible for one of Coroplast Tape’s major customers that manufactures worldwide. Of course, the job involves a lot of e-mail correspondence and phone calls, partly in English. The best aspect of the job is the workshops at customers’ premises: in the laboratory they discuss how their products, such as cable assemblies, can be improved. How did Dennis Kottirre acquire his knowledge? At Coroplast Tape, he also got acquainted with the technical aspects of adhesive tapes. Abrasion protection and temperature resistance are just a couple of the terms he juggles with the same ease as potential analysis and target pricing. He learned all these things during his dual study, training to become an industrial management assistant and Bachelor of Business Administration. Dennis Kottirre continues to pursue his aims single-mindedly, as alongside his work, the ambitious man from Dormagen is currently studying for his Master’s degree on Friday evenings and Saturdays. He also worked for Coroplast Tape in the USA for three months and in Kunshan, China for three months, where he experienced the cultural differences at first hand. There are two things that Dennis Kottirre will not forget from his time in China: firstly, the incredible helpfulness of his Chinese colleagues, and secondly, the fun he had with the children on the streets, who simply never got tired of taking photos with the big man from Germany and constantly asked: “Selfie, please!”

The success of the team depends on one’s personal performance.

Dennis Kottirre | Ke Accout Manager at Coroplast Tape


“As a goalkeeper I always felt just right: you are part of the team and have the overview of the entire team at the same time. And that is how I see my role at Coroplast Tape to a certain degree. The team spirit is of utmost importance and one’s own performance is vital at the same time. I like the fact that the old hands take my ideas seriously and that I get the opportunity to put them into practise. My aim is to take on a growing amount of responsibility, preferably in Hawaii. What a shame that the Coroplast Group doesn’t yet have a plant there, but South Carolina isn’t bad either.”