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Employee at Coroplast Tape

Story Ann-Kristin Gehle, Sales Manager Industrial Tapes at Coroplast Tape

Ann-Kristin Gehle, aged 25, originally trained as an industrial business management assistant, which she followed up with a dual study course with the Coroplast Group, leading to a Bachelor’s degree in International Management with Engineering. She is currently busy writing her thesis in Dynamic Management as one element of her part-time Master’s degree. A passionate runner, she has plans to establish Coroplast Tape’s Joining Technology segment as a key business pillar.

My application for a traineeship as an industrial business management assistant was a quick and painless process.

Ann-Kristin Gehle | Sales Manager Industrial Tapes

What form did your recruitment process take?

My application for a traineeship as an industrial business management assistant was a quick and painless process. My recruitment test, my first interview with the Human Resources Officer and my final interview with the head of the HR department all took place in less than three weeks. The challenge I was set for my first interview was one I found particularly interesting: I had to give a short presentation on how I founded my own, fictitious company.

What made you choose this particular job?

The dual study course parallel to my practical training was a good chance to get to know the different departments at the Coroplast Group. It didn’t take long for me to realise that sales was the thing for me.

How would you describe your typical working day?

There’s no such thing as a typical working day. We regularly participate in technical product consultations, of course; we write quotations and we discuss what’s new in the adhesive tapes market. But what actually defines my job most of all are the appointments with customers. Every meeting is different – sometimes I have to talk to buyers and sometimes to engineers. They could be here in Wuppertal or they could be in a foreign country. That’s something I really like.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I travel a great deal and I don’t just sell catalogue products from the comfort of my desk; I also have opportunities to offer customised solutions for special applications. It’s the diversity that I appreciate about my job more than anything else. In April I’ll be off for at least two years to the States, where I’ll be working in Rock Hill selling technical adhesive tapes.

What challenges does your job present?

The more specific the customer’s requirements or application, the more complex the challenges. I act as the client’s mouthpiece and it’s up to me to coordinate all kinds of wishes and needs with my colleagues in Purchasing, Development and Production and then turn them into reality.

Our team is mixed and complement each other very well. From the point of view of a younger team member I can say that I have learned a lot from my experienced colleagues, which helps me in my daily work.

Ann-Kristin Gehle | Sales Manager Industrial Tapes

How would you characterise your team?

Our team is a very colourful mix. We’re a good blend of old hands and novices. As one of the younger team members, I’ve learned a lot from my more experienced colleagues that helps me in my daily work. And we don’t simply share the same office; we also have a lot of fun together. That’s extremely important.

Why is your employer right for you?

I feel I'm able to develop on both a personal and a professional level, so that I can gradually take on more responsibility. Coroplast Tape regularly confronts me with new challenges.