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Sports Commitment with team spirit

Team spirit, ambition, and discipline are not only key qualities in the world of sports, but also actively practiced values and crucial factors in the success of Coroplast Group. As a traditional, family-managed company with firm roots in Wuppertal, we are also committed to the region with regards to sports to communicate these values to the outside world and strengthen our togetherness as a result.

Wuppertal Coroplast Group at the Schwebebahn race

As successor to the Bergisch company race, the Schwebebahnlauf has been one of the largest race events in Wuppertal since 2013 and brings thousands of athletes together every year. Coroplast also takes part in the event regularly. We enter our own team in the race to compete with the others every year. The most important factors are team spirit and fun!

Our Coroplast Team at the Schwebebahn race
Our Coroplast Group Team at the Schwebebahn race

Düsseldorf The Coroplast Group team at the METRO Marathon

Coroplast also regularly sends company relay teams to the METRO Marathon in Düsseldorf. In the company relay, teams of four runners enter the race and each runner completes a part of the 42.2-kilometer marathon route. Coroplast took part in the popular sports event for the fourth time in 2019, and more runners compete for the family-managed company each year.

The Coroplast Group team at the METRO Marathon in Düsseldorf.

Successful partnership Sponsorship of Hubbelrath Golf Club

Coroplast has supported the Hubbelrath Golf Club since 2012. Founded more than 50 years ago, the club places great emphasis on developing the next generation and has become one of the largest in Germany in the meantime.

Coroplast sponsors the women’s and the men’s teams, which both play in the top German golf league and have had numerous successes, not only at national but also at European level. We wish the two teams all the best and lots of success again this season!

We have also been sponsoring Nicolai von Dellingshausen since March 2018. The young professional has become the third best German player in a very short time. We are looking forward to supporting his career on his way to the European Tour.

GC Hubbelrath - a top destination! Powerful tee-off on the fairway of one of Germany’s best golf courses. I DGV stebl
Hubbelrath celebrates the title of vice champion in 2019. I DGV stebl

I am very thankful that Coroplast is sponsoring me in my still young career. Already as an amateur, I benefited from the company’s many years of sponsorship of the Hubbelrath Golf Club, of which I am a member.

Nicolai von Dellingshausen | Young professional golfer