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Coroplast Global | News | 04 Nov 2022 The Coroplast Group is proud of the "Healthy Employer" award

As a family-owned company, the well-being of our employees is particularly important to us. This is now also confirmed by EUPD Research with the certification as "Healthy Employer 2022/23". We are very pleased about this prestigious award!


The Coroplast Group is a pioneer in health

EUPD Research, Germany's leading company for social sustainability and strategic corporate health management, has named us a "Healthy Employer 2022/23". This makes us proud, as this demanding certification underscores the high priority we have placed on occupational health management and workplace health promotion for many years. It's official: The Coroplast Group offers its employees exemplary services with a wide range of offers and measures relating to mental and physical health.

The health of our workforce is an important concern for me personally. That's why our BGM consists of numerous different components that are continuously reviewed and adjusted as needed.

Natalie Mekelburger | President and CEO of the Coroplast Group

"Healthy employer" - award with high relevance

With this year's "Our Planet, Our Health" campaign for World Health Day, the World Health Organization (WHO) is setting a strong impulse to report on approaches to climate protection and health. It sees a close link between the consequences of climate change and the health, quality of life and performance of the population. The climate crisis is therefore at the same time a health crisis with regional significance, which companies must take seriously. In this context, EUPD Research has established the regional "Healthy Employer" award, which is based on the Corporate Health Evaluation Standard (CHES model) established throughout Germany. In this evaluation, we were even able to achieve a full 100% in the areas of occupational medicine, company integration management (BEM), strategy with target group employees and target group trainees, mental health and ergonomics.

  • The two seals for workplace health promotion and workplace health management
    The Coroplast Group was recognized as a "Healthy Employer 2022/23" for workplace health promotion and workplace health management.