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Coroplast Global | News | 10 Mar 2023 Coroplast Health Days

Four times a year, the experts from SPORTS UP visit us with all kinds of exercise equipment and get our employees' blood circulation in motion. At the end of February, it was that time again at Coroflex in Wagnerpark: There was sweating, laughing and marveling.

Health guidance and check-ups

The health and well-being of our employees are close to our hearts - which is why we have professionalized and institutionalized our occupational health management in recent years. One important component is the so-called Coroplast Health Days. Here, experts from our health partner SPORTS UP visit us four times a year to advise Coroplast Group employees on all health-related topics and - if desired - also carry out appropriate health checks.

For example, we offer:

  • Cell checks,
  • Cardio Scans,
  • mobility scans or
  • fascia training.

Aha experiences and action

At our Health Day at the end of February, two parts of the program were especially popular. Firstly, the "sugar estimation" session dispelled a number of myths about the sugar content of foods, fruits and beverages, leading to numerous "aha" moments among the participants. Action and concentration were equally in demand in the BlazePod Challenge. Here, the participants had to press luminous buzzers from the armrest with the shortest possible reaction times. This is not only challenging, but also a lot of fun.

Dennis Kottirre,Head of Business Unit Coroflex, at the BlazePod Challenge
Dennis Kottirre, Head of Business Unit Coroflex, demonstrates concentration and strength in the BlazePod Challenge.

I was very pleased that many Coroflex colleagues took up the varied Sports Up offer. It reminded everyone once again how important exercise is for our health.

Dennis Kottirre | Head of Business Unit Coroflex

We are proud to be a Healthy Employer

The next three dates for the Health Days this year have already been set and registrations are underway. Our aim is for every employee at the site to take part in one of the health days at least once a year so that we can continue to be recognized in the area of health promotion and health management.

More about the Healthy Employer Award

Group picture for the Coroplast Group Health Day
The SportUp visits the Coroplast Group.