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Coroplast Global | News | 26 Aug 2021 Climate neutral by 2030: Coroplast Group publishes Sustainability Report

The Coroplast Group has published a sustainability report for its German sites for the first time, communicating its precise targets of climate neutral operations by 2030. The Sustainability Report for 2020 is the first major publication to emerge from the family-owned company's overarching sustainability strategy - the Coroplast Group Sustainability Initiative. The report provides a diverse overview of the company's activities and of the innovation activities of the entire corporate group.

Almost halved carbon footprint at headquarters

Based on the market, politics and society as a whole, the requirements for sustainable business have increased in recent years. For this reason, the Coroplast Group bundles all its activities, measures and initiatives in a sustainability strategy. This ensures the management, including the comprehensive monitoring, of the individual sustainability targets. And the actions of the family-owned company are ambitious: A tangible plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the entire group of companies is to be developed as early as by the end of 2021. In the long term, the company wants to operate in a climate neutral manner - at all of its branches worldwide.

The Coroplast Group has already been purchasing CO2-neutral green electricity for all consumption at the Wuppertal site since 2019. By purchasing green electricity, the CO2 footprint at the headquarters has thus been almost halved. In addition, the Coroplast Group trains its employees to be able to implement greenhouse gas balancing independently in the future - with the help of special software solutions. An expanded and regionally adapted sustainability management system is to be transferred to the foreign sites in just a few years. 

The Coroplast Group's sustainability strategy shows that small and medium-sized enterprises are extremely diligent about sustainability and live up to their ecological and social responsibilities. In order to make the Coroplast Group's business model fit for the future, the aspect of sustainability will be integrated even more in the corporate strategy in the future.

Natalie Mekelburger | CEO of the Coroplast Group

Modern technology for sustainable targets

The company is also setting new standards in the area of electromobility as a contribution to zero-emission personal transportation. This applies to both the product portfolio and the workforce. For example, the company car regulations in force since 2019 provide strong incentives for the use of vehicles with hybrid or fully electric drive systems, and all employees are provided with an e-bike fleet at the headquarters in Wuppertal.

In addition, the Coroplast Group has been pursuing the goal of a "paperless company" for years and is consistently digitizing its administrative processes. The Digital Transformation Office set up in 2020 is responsible for the consistent implementation of the digitization strategy. A recent example: the use of data glasses with augmented reality technology can save around 3 t of CO2 per person for each flight to our four Chinese plants. Accordingly, the continued use of data glasses in various business areas can not only save emissions, but also reduce business travel, save time and make documentation much easier.

In the area of environment and energy, it is particularly clear how closely economic and ecological sustainability belong together. That is why these areas play a central role for us as a manufacturing company. We have set ourselves ambitious goals and have already made good progress in recent years.

Stefan Erhard | Head of Occupational Safety & Environmental Protection at the Coroplast Group

Pioneering performance through sustainable product innovations

With its adhesive tape solutions, cables and wires, the Coroplast Group is an important partner for electromobility. We promote lightweight construction and develop products designed for a longer lifetime. For example, special PET carrier materials in cloth and nonwoven adhesive tapes sustainably conserve resources. Typical wiring harnesses for passenger cars use around 2 m² of tape to protect the cables from abrasion. By using recycled PET a waste reduction of around 25 PET bottles (500 ml) per car can be achieved with the same protective effect.

A current flagship project of the Coroplast Group is the "CoroUpcycling Initiative". It is an upcycling approach that involves the recycling of product waste or surplus material to produce high-quality utility items with a sophisticated design. In an first development phase, 200 courier backpacks have been made from around 400 m² of upcycled scrap materials. Further upcycling products are already being planned.

For many years now, sustainable behavior has played a central role at the Coroplast Group. For example, we have been successfully using and developing solvent-free adhesive systems for our tape program for decades. If sustainability is not used as a prohibitive doctrine, but instead entrepreneurial creativity is encouraged, then the industry will be able to continue to provide for the well-being of our society in a way that conserves resources and is oriented toward its employees.

Natalie Mekelburger | CEO of the Coroplast Group


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Verena Rheinberg
Specialist Corporate Communications

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