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The perfect match

Qian Li has the very highest standards, is a fast learner and is actually a control freak. That's why she's just right in her position as Production Team Leader. She appreciates the support from managers and colleagues and the WeCare program. She's also a family person and she loves to sing – which also makes her the perfect match for WeWire China.

"By 2020, I have gone through the positions of Operator, Junior Shift Leader and Shift Leader. Today, I am a Team Leader", the 35-year-old proudly tells us. After graduating from Sichuan Vocational and Technical College in 2009 with a major in applied electronics, she worked as a saleswoman in a cell phone company, as a cashier and also as a quality controller in a manufacturing company. But the start of Qian Li's rise was when she joined WeWire in 2016. 

Right person at the right place

"I'm probably the only person at WeWire Mianyang who has made such a big career leap in such a short time", says a delighted Qian Li. Born in Mianyang, a city of nearly five million people in the northern part of Sichuan Province, she joined WeWire recommended by a long-time employee. She was a quick learner, which came in handy at WeWire, as the company has evolved from a built-to-print supplier to a comprehensive development and solutions provider – where speed and accuracy are key. "During my time as an employee, I haven't had a single quality complaint, either from customers or colleagues", Qian Li says.  

Control and Efficiency 

"Ensuring high production quality" is one of her main tasks – she organizes production and monitors processes. "I keep track of the process requirements for each product and conduct targeted operational and quality training for employees prior to production", says Qian Li, describing her responsibilities. "In morning meetings, I introduce the production plan, explain difficult production processes, and point out details. Our goal is to constantly optimize production efficiency and keep an eye on each employee's work methods to do so." Strictly managing the placement of products and materials on site is also part of her portfolio to avoid mixing materials and create a clean, systematic and comfortable working environment. With this approach, she has successfully managed projects for many customers at WeWire. 

WeWire is a great place to work, fair pay and benefits, and plenty of room for development. I will recommend it to my best friends.

Qian Li | Production Team Leader

With a little help from my friend  

Qian Li has always been able to rely on the support of her supervisors during her meanwhile five years at WeWire. "Whenever I had specific problems or difficulties, I always got valuable advice right away on how to handle the situation. That was very helpful", Qian Li recounts.The entire team is also actively working to improve production. "Colleagues provide many great suggestions on what we can do better", the team leader says. "In the company, I've consistently had the opportunity to learn, improve, and in that way also advance my colleagues and the entire production." 

Like a family 

In her private life, Qian Li is a family person, living with her parents, husband and child. Besides her work, raising children and family are at the center of her life. "I feel comfortable at WeWire because attention is paid to a good work-life balance", she reports. She particularly appreciates the "WeCare" program here, which offers sustainable measures to improve the work climate and promote the workforce. "WeCare makes employees feel that the company cares about them and that we are one big family. At the same time, attractive incentives motivate employees to develop professionally. This kind of employee support is much better than most other manufacturing companies I know.” 

She appreciates her excellent colleagues very much – but most of all she loves the birthday parties at WeWire: "A great gesture and a real family feeling for everyone." There's also a lot of singing there – and Qian Li loves to sing. Her favorite song is "Cry on My Shoulder" because it reminds her of her younger days. But those were a while ago, and Qian Li still has a lot of plans: Her favorite book is "How to Win Friends & Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. "Because the book helps me improve my social skills, and those are essential to what I do here at WeWire." 

  • Qian Li is responsible for production quality at WeWire
  • Qian Li has already managed many projects for our customers
  • Team work at WeWire.