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Interview What matters is that the result is correct

Olaf Jakubowski, a trained power system electronics engineer, has been working in the maintenance department at Coroplast Tape since February 2019. The 50-year-old from Sprockhövel, who already liked to repair things as a child, pursues a rather unusual hobby in addition to his job at Coroplast Tape: he rides a cutting horse - a sport in which horses are used to separate cattle from the herd.

How was your application process? 

It all went very smoothly. After my online application a member of staff contacted me by phone to make an appointment for an interview. That went so well that next I was given a brief tour of the company - and shortly after that I received the employment contract. 


Why did you decide on this job? 

Even as a child I was enthusiastic about disassembling many things in order to understand them better or even repair them. I quickly had my own tools and I realized that I wanted to learn a trade. In 1986 I decided to train as an electronics technician at Krupp Klöckner – and the path led me to the maintenance production department for adhesive tapes at Coroplast Tape. 


What does your typical working day look like? 

Every day is different for me! In the mornings the team is split up depending on the repairs or installations that have been carried out in the shift operation. This can be very different and varies a lot. At the moment, I'm primarily concerned with energy management and I am expanding the infrastructure for this, e.g. installing measuring equipment in the plants and machines. 


What is the great thing about your job?  

I can - or better - I am allowed to act freely. In other words, I'm not tied down in the way I carry out my tasks. What matters is that the result is correct. 


What challenges does your job bring with it? 

Exactly what I just described can be the challenge. 


What makes your team special? 

My team complements each other perfectly. Everyone helps everyone here! And mutual support is very important. 


Why does your employer suit you? 

The Coroplast Group is a renowned, solid employer in whom I have a great deal of trust. With its global commitment and investments in modern technology, the company clearly shows that it thinks ahead and will thus secure a stable place for itself in the global economy.