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Story Not all cables are alike

If Michael Leven were to explain to his next-door neighbour what he does for a living, he would say: “We manufacture outstanding cables and wiring and I make sure the quality is always right – from the incoming raw materials to the finished product.” But cables are all alike, my neighbour might say: a piece of copper with a bit of insulation wrapped around it. “Yes, in principle, but it’s not quite as simple as that,” our Head of Quality Assurance Wires & Cables would answer.

Quality as a competitive factor

Coroflex does business in a fiercely competitive environment. The market is subject to constant change, customers demand increasingly high standards and process technology is becoming more complex all the time. Michael Leven and his team are there to ensure that the quality is absolutely impeccable, even in a multicore cable consisting of six, seven or eight strands interwoven with one another. Every day he receives a great number of e-mails from China and Poland, not to mention those from within Germany. They often include a lot of customer queries for Michael Leven to answer. In addition, he holds technical discussions with the suppliers who provide Coroflex with raw materials such as copper, colour concentrates and stabilisers. The chemical technician is also responsible for issuing approvals for new products. Last year he did five one-week trips to China. His extremely busy schedule also included ten trips to Poland as well as meetings with suppliers in Sweden, Italy and Austria. However, he would never dream of swapping his job for something easier: “I always give 100 per cent performance,” he says.

I love innovations. Well-trodden paths don’t appeal to me in the least; I need plenty of movement.

Michael Leven | Quality Assurance Manager at Coroflex

Exceptionally communication

“My job at Coroflex demands my complete attention and it is often quite hectic, but that is exactly what appeals to me. My everyday work is full of variety and calls for flexibility. Apart from that, I am really proud of my team. We discuss everything and deliberately keep our communication very open, to make sure everyone is always in the picture. Despite all the hustle and bustle, we laugh a lot and treat each other very well. I find that really great and have never experienced collaboration in this form at any other company.”