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Interview A healthy portion of calmness and composure

The 37-year-old industrial clerk Katharina Noack has been working in the Coroplast Tape export department since February 2019. In addition to her responsibility as team coordinator at Coroplast Tape, the native of Remscheid looks after her two dogs, which she brought back from Turkey eight years ago. Since then, she has been volunteering at the shelter every year to help find a new home for the dogs.

How was your application process? 

I actually had three job interviews at the Coroplast Group, because during the process, the layout of the position changed slightly. But all the interviews were pleasant and in a good atmosphere. I was not interviewed one-sidedly, but also learned a lot about the company. I was able to sign the employment contract immediately after the final interview. 


Why did you decide to take this job? 

I had worked in the export business before - and I liked it. That's why I was happy to be able to contribute my experience to Coroplast Tape. 


What does your typical working day look like? 

My working day requires a lot of flexibility and coordination skills. But also the necessary composure to remain calm and above all friendly in tricky situations. Usually the day begins with notifying customers and freight carriers of the packed shipments, either by e-mail or in special portals. Here it is important to keep an overview because the registrations often have to be made under great time pressure. Customs documents, invoices and all other necessary papers are then prepared. In addition, I am involved in a number of projects, such as optimizing procedures or avoiding complaints. Of course, I am also the contact person for my team colleagues at any time and help with decisions that have to be made at short notice. 


What is the great thing about your job? 

I love speaking and writing English. And it never gets boring in my job, because unexpected situations often arise that need to be solved. I like to be responsible for a varied field of work so that you actually learn something new every day. Two months ago I was able to complete a training course at the IHK Zoll (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and in future I will take part in a management seminar. I think it's great to get such opportunities to further develop yourself. 


What challenges does your job bring with it? 

The biggest challenge is to bring a healthy portion of calmness and composure. Not to break out in hectic or panic when time is short and there is a lot on the table. In this job, you definitely have to be stress-resistant and, best of all, have the necessary humour and creativity to cope with the daily challenges. 


Why does your employer suit you? 

On the one hand, Coroplast Tape gives me the opportunity for further training and I have met a lot of colleagues in with whom it is simply fun to work together. I also think it's great that the Coroplast Group also has sites abroad. I was also able to meet some colleagues from the USA and China at an International Sales Meeting.